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Kamaljeet Kaur

Senior Property Manger

Kamaljeet Gill has been in customer service for over 16+ years. She has been involved in Customer liaison and Business and property management. She is very proactive and brings a lot of energy to the company. Her attention to detail is of utmost importance along with her professionalism. She tends to have excellent negotiating skills and solve any issue with best results possible for all parties involved. She speaks fluent English, Hindi, Punjabi and has a good understanding of Urdu. She is always emphatic towards others and builds trusting relationships. Being an excellent listener she develops deep bonds with her clients and respect flows both ways. She is a very quick learner and performs each task to its full capabilities. Along with being a team player she got tremendous ability to work autonomously which makes her stand out of the crowd. She always puts her clients first and is ready to go the extra mile in order to achieve best results possible. She is passionate about community and cultural importance and helping others in need. She is an easy going individual with a strong work ethic who is always willing to go above and beyond.

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